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College costs have increased 7% to 8% each year for over 40 years. Today, four years of college could cost over $200,000. Without the aid of professional college planning guidance, an average family may have to sacrifice their retirement plans, incur a huge amount of debt, or may not even be able to send their children to college at all.

There is currently $198 billion available in financial aid and tax relief to help families pay for college. Financial aid is not limited to special groups – most families can qualify. If you’re not an expert in the rules and regulations and thoroughly understand the application process, you may actually damage your chances of receiving aid. Whether you have a good income and have saved for years to fund your child’s education, or you have nothing saved and have just started to think about it, a professional college financial aid planning firm can help you secure your child’s future.

Ecliptic Financial Advisors, Inc. will guide you through the financial aid process and provide comprehensive financial aid planning, as well as expert student counseling. By helping students determine their interests, courses of study, and preferences, they are less likely to transfer schools or change majors – both of which add substantially to the cost of college.

Learn How to Navigate the College Planning Maze

We know the inside track that will help you secure financial aid, choose the right college, and prepare your student for success. By using professional college financial aid planners, you avoid the many pitfalls that can cost you thousands of dollars down the road or may cost your child a quality education. You’ll avoid stress, simplify what can be an overwhelming process, and provide your student with a significant advantage. Our free college planning workshops provide valuable insight to help you take advantage of less well-known opportunities.

These informative workshops help you learn about the wide variety of services that will make your life easier, including everything you need to know about financial aid and financial aid planning. You’ll learn innovative strategies for funding college and learn how to navigate the college admissions maze. Also included are tips that will help prepare your child for a successful college experience and increase the chance that they will be accepted into the college of their choice.

Ecliptic services cover everything you need for college success from student coaching, preparing a course of study and resume creation to writing an admissions application and applying for financial aid. We’ll help you limit the financial impact on your existing and future retirement plans and explain the complicated laws and provisions that affect many areas of college funding. You’ll also learn how to maximize your student’s eligibility for college aid – regardless of your income. Schools offer many different aid packages so you may find that your top choice – a traditionally more expensive school – may actually cost less because it offers a more substantial financial aid package. We know how to get past the “sticker” price and determine the true cost.

Misleading and incorrect information on the Web can also cause confusion and may lead you down the wrong path. Unless you have spent years studying the system, it is difficult to separate fact from myth. Ecliptic Financial Advisors specialize in college financial aid planning and can provide you with accurate information and every service you need to ensure your child has a successful college experience.

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